How it works ?

How It Works :

  • You register with Caring XL
  • We assess your skills and advise you on your training needs, if any.
  • Once you meet the minimum eligibility criteria, Caring XL will introduce you to our sister organization Caring XL UK.
  • All nurses in the UK must be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). Registration involves a Computer Based Test (CBT) which can be taken online at various tests center’s in India.
  • Once you pass the CBT we will assist with submitting your documents to the NMC, these include:
    • Your NHS application form
    • A police background check
    • Proof of address
    • References
  • The NMC will usually take about 60 days to review these before issuing a Decision Letter
  • On receipt of the Decision Letter from NMC confirming your acceptance, we will assist you in obtaining a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) from the UK employer
  • Once in receipt of COS you will be able to apply for your Tier 2 Visa (this takes up to 60 days)
  • On receipt of your Visa you are ready to book your flight to the UK.
  • You will be received at the UK airport by our representative and taken to your accommodation
  • Soon you’ll start working as an Assistant Nurse
  • You will be required to the Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) within 12 weeks of your start date
  • On clearing the OSCE you can complete NMC registration process & start working as a Band 5 Registered Nurse
  • Caring XL UK will continue to support you in the UK.